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Boeing Starliner confronts a cascade of technical failures
The Boeing Starliner faced a cascade of technical issues that tested its resilience during both launch and space operations.
Gireogi Appas: South Korean fathers’ sacrifices for overseas education
In February 2024, Yoon Sang, a South Korean music producer and father of RIIZE member Anton, shared his 14-year journey as a “gireogi appa.”
Rapid melting of sea ice threatens Adélie penguins' survival
Recent studies revealed that the rapid melting of sea ice due to climate change is severely affecting Adélie penguins, disrupting their critical molting period and long-distance migrations, and ultimately threatening their survival.
First comfort women statue erected on Italian island of Sardinia
On the Italian island of Sardinia, the first comfort women statue, also known as the Statue of Peace, has been built.
Google faces emission challenges as AI integration expands
Google’s carbon emissions surged nearly 50% compared to 2019, a significant increase driven by the expanded use of AI.
Tragic fire at a lithium battery factory claims 22 lives in South Korea
On June 24, a lithium battery company experienced a strong series of flames at its facility in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province.
Heatwave takes over United States, causing a necessity for safety measures
A relentless heatwave is currently sweeping across the United States, significantly impacting its climate and contributing to the increase in natural disasters throughout the country.
Rising shark attacks stir fear and misunderstanding in the USA
In a recent incident, a man on Florida’s northeast coast was severely bitten by a shark while fishing in the Amelia River near Fernandina Beach.
Missing hiker found in California mountains after 10 days
Lukas McClish, 34, has been found 10 days after getting lost while hiking in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
Production IG, Toho Animation, and Sony Entertainment Japan release Haikyu: The Dumpster Battle
On February 16, 2024, Production I.G, Toho Animation, and Sony Entertainment Japan released “The Dumpster Battle”, the sequel to the popular sports anime Haikyu!.