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Chief of national office of investigation resigned due to son’s school bullying
The candidate to head South Korea’s National Office of Investigation withdrew his application on the day before he was to start his two year term due to revelations that his son repeatedly bullied a classmate for eight months in 2018.
Australian International School holds an Athletics Carnival, showing strong House Spirits
Recently, Australian International School held an athletic carnival for both its secondary and primary school on the 7th of March, 2023.
President Yoon's statement sparks intense debate over South Korea's nuclearization
President Yoon's recent statement that South Korea may develop or request a nuclear arsenal fueled intense debates about the country's nuclearization.
Fashion takes a step back into the 2000s
While the majority of the world's major industries including technology and the sciences are constantly taking great strides forward, the fashion industry has taken a step backward into the year 2000.
ChatGPT shakes the AI market: AI’s new cash cow
The release of ChatGPT on November 30, 2022, has created a large commotion in the field of AI. 
Cow Farts are about to be taxed in New Zealand
Since the announcement of the introduction of the ‘world first’ levy on methane and nitrous oxide emissions from New Zealand's former Prime Minister, Jacinda Arndern, on October 11, 2022,  angry Kiwi farmers' protests are getting tough.
AIs are giving the education community a challenge to solve
"My English teacher told me to try ChatGPT." U.S. Open AI's interactive AI ChatGPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) made on November 30th 2022, is becoming a big topic of debate in the educational community.
Spain passed Europe’s first paid menstrual leave law
On February 16th, 2023, Spain's parliament passed a bill allowing workers paid sick leave for menstruation with 185 members in agreement and 154 members in disagreement.
Turkey changes its official country name to Türkiye
Last June, Turkey had changed its official country name to Türkiye, meaning “the land of Turks.”
National Museum of Korea ends Habsburg exhibition after six months of display
The National Museum of Korea’s Habsburg exhibition, titled is set to wrap up after an impressive six-month run.