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The events that followed the deadly Libyan flood
On September 12th, disaster struck the coastal city of Derna, Libya, as Storm Daniel wreaked havoc in northeastern Libya, causing heavy rainfall that led to the bursting of two dams.
AI can’t hold patents, Legal challenges against AI-generated work
On August 30th, the Seoul administrative court confirmed the cancellation of a patent application that had an artificial intelligence (AI) as an inventor.
Snapchat’s newly introduced AI feature hits controversy
Snapchat’s newly launched feature “MyAI”, an AI chatbot powered by OpenAI's GPT, has sparked debate and raised concerns about user privacy and safety.
Physical and mental health issues commonly occur among taxi drivers
The proliferation of ridesharing apps have given riders a convenient way to get around without worry of traffic jams, parking spots, or complicated navigation.
Lunar New Year becomes an official school holiday in New York
On June 10th, 2023, the New York State Assembly unanimously passed a bill to acknowledge the Lunar New Year as a public school holiday.
American colleges change their common app essays for 2024
In this college application cycle, many American colleges are changing their Common App essays in response to the recent Supreme Court’s decision to revoke affirmative action.
The controversy over the severity of the Fukushima nuclear water release helped promote open-mindedness
My friends and I were taking pleasure in our teacher’s random act of generosity - a free period.
Tragic wildfire devastates Hawaii’s Maui Island
Maui, the second-largest island of Hawaii, experienced a tragic relay of flames.
Fremont Union High School District’s J-Camp provides programs for student journalists
Fremont Union High School District (FUHSD), located in Silicon Valley, California, hosted a J-Camp for all school newspaper staff across the school district in the second week of August 2023.
Turmoil grips the Chinese property market
The Chinese property market is in crisis as property developers teeter on the brink of default.