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A new crowd favorite rises, “Inside Out 2”

2024.07.07 16:16:08 Yuna Cho

[Seats in a movie theater. Photo Credit: Pexels]

Out of the countless new movies coming out, “Inside Out 2” was released on June 14th, 2024, sparking a lot of interest and excitement among audiences.


In its second week, the movie had earned a profit of $100 million dollars, easily taking the spot of 2024’s highest-grossing film with $724.4 million around the world, according to NPR.


This early success was a prelude to even greater achievements.


Deadline.com reported that “Inside Out 2” has officially surpassed $1 billion at the global box office.


This milestone is noteworthy as only 11 animated films have crossed the $1 billion threshold, which highlights the sequel’s immense impact.


“Inside Out 2” has captivated audiences by exploring the evolving emotions of a teenager transitioning from childhood.


The film’s portrayal of these changes has resonated deeply with viewers, leaving a lasting impression.


Younger generations, who had shown waning interest in recent movies, were particularly drawn to this film.


CNBC noted that about 14% of the audience were teenagers aged 13 to 17, indicating a strong appeal to this demographic.


The sequel’s release was highly anticipated, given the nine-year gap since the original “Inside Out” hit theaters.


The first film was already a major hit, and the long wait only fueled the excitement.


Fans were eager to see how the beloved characters had evolved, and the introduction of new emotions added a fresh dynamic to the story.


One character, in particular, has captured the audience’s affection: Anxiety.


This newly added character portrays the complex reality of teenager emotions, striving to do what’s best for Riley, the protagonist, but struggling to manage its own feelings.


The community’s response to “Inside Out 2” has been overwhelmingly positive.


Many viewers shared their thoughts on the film, reflecting on its relatable themes and emotional depth:


“I won't say it for fear of spoiling it, but as those new feelings were annoying, when I thought about it carefully, I’m living with those feelings too. They're characters you can't hate but rather understand. There were also a few scenes in the middle that made me cry, and it had a lot of jokes too. I especially loved the extra bonus scene after the ending credits!” said an anonymous middle schooler.


Stephanie Lee, a high schooler, commented, “Something that I liked from the movie was that Joy was really stressed and exhausted, but Madness came up to her and encouraged her to keep going and rescue Riley’s mind. This scene was really touching because it’s something that Madness would never do and the way he encouraged Joy was so calming and warming.”


Christie Bae, a rising sophomore, appreciated the timing of the sequel, stating, “I really liked how they released the second movie after nine years because it’s not just Riley who grew up but also all the kids who watched ‘Inside Out’ when they were younger. Overall, the movie was very fun to watch, and I would definitely recommend it.”


Chloe Kim, a rising freshman, liked the film’s depiction of puberty, saying, “The good thing was that there are more emotions than ‘Inside Out’, and I think it represents the feelings of a child going through puberty well. Also, because the story unfolded quickly and the running time was short, I was able to focus more. I think it was meaningful because I was able to think again about my feelings while watching this movie.”


The community’s love for the film is evident, with many praising its relatable scenes, new characters, and emotional depth.


The portrayal of Anxiety, in particular, has struck a chord with audiences, which make it a standout addition to the franchise.


“Inside Out 2” has undoubtedly secured its place as a new fan favorite.

Yuna Cho / Grade 8
St. Johnsbury Academy Jeju 관련기사