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The showcasing of drone soccer signals another milestone in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

2024.02.05 01:29:38 Hye Joo Shin

[Photo Credit to Pixabay]

In Las Vegas, a new technology, ‘Drone Soccer’, was introduced to the world at the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) trade show.


The Segye Times and the Korea Drone Soccer Association (KDSA) launched and presented this new technology at a booth, which attracted many people with its eye-catching appearance.


With rings hanging from the ends of a modified soccer field, drones compete against an opposing drone team to score points.


Unlike the soccer games that people think of, which consist of 11 players , drone soccer only consists of five drones per team.


Instead of scoring a point by shooting a ball, the drones have to fight against the three defenders in front of the goal and make it inside the hoop to score a point.


With fast drones flying in the air for periods lasting three minutes, observers were amazed by the breathtaking display appearing in front of them.


To some viewers, drone soccer reminded them of games that they had seen in fantasy stories.


Marty Swant, a Digiday senior reporter, commented that it looked like “Quidditch with more tech and less magic.”


Ever since drone soccer was presented to the world, this mind-blowing sport has been introduced to around 20 different countries.


In South Korea, which is where drone soccer was first created , there are already 2000 different drone teams.


In other countries, such as the United States, many people are showing interest in this new sport by learning the basic skills of drone flying.


With more countries engaging with this sport, drone soccer is looking for opportunities to become a global sport, just like soccer.


Currently, the Federation of International Drone Soccer Association (FIDA) is deciding whether to welcome 20 new countries into the league.


Even though drone soccer is not a major sport that is appreciated by everyone, many people expect drone soccer to become one of the most popular sports, which may be played in future Olympics.


Hoping to share the exciting aspects of drone soccer with the world, FIDA is currently planning to hold the Drone Soccer World Cup in 2025.


FIDA has already successfully hosted the drone soccer world championships at CES.


Not only did it mark a significant milestone for drone soccer, but it also communicated its potential to the world.


Hee Taek Chung, the president of Segye Times, added that this milestone “symbolizes the achievements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution by showcasing the pinnacle of advanced IT and groundbreaking innovations.” 


Drones, which are commonly employed in other areas such as military or surveillance, are now being used for people’s entertainment.


As many people, including foreign reporters, were amazed by this fast-paced game, the spread of drone soccer could help in getting one step closer to the implementation of drone technology in society.


The 2025 Drone Soccer World Cup will be held in Jeonju, South Korea. As more countries are joining the drone soccer league, FIDA hopes that this event can serve as a big step towards the globalization of drone soccer.

Hye Joo Shin / Grade 11
Seoul Foreign School