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Explosion of the SpaceX Starship on 20th April left conflicting lessons

2023-05-11 06:11:46 Steven Seo

[SpaceX Rocket, credit to Pixabay]

With regards to the explosion at the SpaceX launch on the 29th of April 2023, many professionals hold different perspectives on the lessons from the failure.

On the 20th of April, cheerful and excited spectators watched and there was of course NASA waiting for the Spacex Starship to launch and give them information about outer space. 

As the happy crowd watched the rocket launch, something happened.

Only 4 minutes later, the rocket exploded. 

Once the spacecraft was launched into outer space, it went wrong by detaching it differently than originally planned and  exploded. 

This spacecraft was not an ordinary space craft; it was one of the biggest, and most expensive space crafts. 

This incident however provided knowledge to the astronauts and spacecraft builders about the controls. 

Thankfully, no humans were in the spacecraft. 

As you can see, this rocket was no ordinary rocket. 

This rocket was from Elon Musk. 

It was the biggest one that had a big responsibility. 

This rocket had a mission to discover more about Mars and the Moon.

There were other studies on the Moon and Mars, such as when a robot called Stella was launched and gave lots of information about Mars. 

She took pictures and  was controlled by NASA. 

She was very successful.

An astronaut named Neil Armstrongwent to the moon and found lots of information there. 

After the Russians had their spacecraft in space, he was nervous, but he also succeeded and is now regarded as one of the world’s most well-known astronauts.

However, this time, the rocket was much bigger and finer but it did not succeed. 

Although it did not succeed, it was one of the world's failures that taught a big lesson for improvement to the world.

A news reporter exclaims that people agree that there were benefits to this explosion. 

A NASA professor in California says this is a classical failure and stating this is okay.

Many others agree this has given lots of benefits to NASA and we like some say "this embracing of failure when the consequences of failure are low."

However there were also cons to this matter like cost, its last.

Even though this failure has given us  benefits, it still costs a lot of money.

It cost 10 billion dollars to build but it only lasted 4 minutes. 

It seemed like a waste because the rocket itself basically gave no studies or scientific facts. 

As you can see, the rocket lasted four minutes which is no time to take pictures or give facts. 

As a rocket launch cost 10 million dollars, it was really worthless. 

If you also forget about the money because of the benefits, it is really hard to even launch a rocket and it takes years for a rocket to be actually built and it really seems like a waste of time as it lasted barely anything.

Even though there are both pros and cons on this matter, SpaceX and stakeholders will find out the solutions to this topic so it is necessary to stay in touch and take interest in it.

Steven Seo / Grade 5
Cheongna Dalton School