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Colin Bell extended his contract with the Korean Women’s National Football Team

2023.05.04 01:02:38 Dongyoon Kim

[football. Photo credit by Pixabay] 

Colin Bell, the current leader of the Korean Women’s National Football Team, extended his contract with the team as the director until December of 2024 on April 1st, 2023.

The South Korean Football Association (KFA) announced Colin Bell’s extended contract, instead of following the original contract which should have expired at the end of the FIFA Women's World Cup. 

This decision made between Colin Bell and South Korea Football Association (KFA) was the 2nd extension. 

Colin Bell already has once extended his contract in 2023 after he successfully leads Korea’s national team record as a runner-up at the 2022 AFC Women’s Asian Cup.

With this contract extension, Bell will lead the Hangzhou Asian Games following  the Women’s World Cup.  

Colin Bell has always done his best to use effective strategies to lead the team successfully. 

He plans to hold regular meetings with the coaching staff of the women's youth and youth national teams and perform an advisory role, such as observing team training.

Bell constantly tries to have discussions about the team's thoughts and plans so that he can coach the team effectively, and lead to achievements. 

He also always emphasizes the importance of training as he states that the only way that the national women's football team can move in one direction is through participation in every practice with effort. 

This clear objective that Colin Bell has when leading a team led to numerous accomplishments of teams that he led in the past. 

One of his best careers in the past was when he managed the Frankfurt women's football team to win the Pokal Cup (2014), and the UEFA Champions League (2015).

 In October 2019 he started to manage as the first foreign women's national team coach and took second place in the 2019 East Asian Federation (EAFF) E-1.

Currently, Director Bell is leading the Korean women’s football team, and under this guidance, the team has a considerably successful record of 14 wins, 7 draws, and 9 losses in a total of 30 matches.

He once more stated it was an honor to work in the Korea Football Association. 

He stated that one of his goals was to achieve success at this Women’s World Cup. 

In the end, through the collective effort of the Korean women's national football team and the direction of Colin Bell, the Korean women's national football team was able to rank 17th in the FIFA rankings and make successful records at the end of several games. 

The Korean women's national football team won a friendly match against Zambia with a score of 5-0 at Yongin Myr Stadium on April 11th.

As a result, the Korean women’s national football team was ranked in 7th place and succeeded in winning the two games against Zambia. 

With these great results from the matches in April, there is much anticipation for the Korean women’s national football team.

Numerous women’s Korean football fans find it an honor to have Colin Bell, who has great experience as a director, as the director of the Korean women’s national football team once more.

Moreover, Korean citizens wish Korea’s national women’s football team to achieve high levels of achievements in the coming Women’s World Cup and also the Paris Olympics by both the team and Colin Bell putting in the effort.

Dongyoon Kim / Grade 7
Chadwick International