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Frosty reactions toward upcoming Paris Olympics

2024.06.30 03:53:24 Jia Yoo

[Olympic rings in Paris. Photo Credit to Rawpixel]

The Paris 2024 Olympics which are starting this summer, are facing great controversies and criticisms.


Most importantly, the Parisians, who should be delighted and excited by the Olympics, are condemning it for various reasons.


Social media users are complaining about the Olympics by posting videos about opposing Paris’s hosting of the event on the social media platform TikTok.


Their opinions were unanimous; they pleaded with us not to come to Paris to watch the Olympics.


They pointed out that the main issue is overcrowding because global citizens will arrive in Paris to watch the games.


They are frustrated by the fact that the transportation Parisians use, such as buses and subways, will be full of international visitors.


Additionally, accommodations are expected to be jammed with tourists as well.


They also criticized the government for displacing students from accommodations in exchange for two Olympics tickets, when it was doubtful that they could find alternative accommodation for the Olympics.


However, in this dangerous situation where people from around the world are gathering in small cities like Paris for the Olympics, it has been revealed that 17,000 security agents are missing to control the crowd.


They imparted that due to the deficiency of agents, the government is hiring retired agents or students in a rush to fulfill the shortage, even though they are receiving less training than usual agents.


Not only because of the overcrowding, but also due to the anticipated terrorism, voices of concern have risen.


It was observed that Russia is planning to target the Paris Olympics for terrorism, and it was also disclosed that they are spreading fear among the public by creating fake videos..


TikTok users are worried if they can receive full protection from untrained agents amidst overcrowding and terrorism.


In addition, not only the TikTok users, but about 44 percent of French citizens answered that they agree the Paris Olympics are a ‘bad thing’, while 52 percent of them replied that they’re going to leave Paris during the Olympics.


The other controversies are also being discussed rather than those topics.


First of all, the bouquiniste industry was banned by the government and driven out of Paris.


After the eradication of vendors, the shops that had a long tradition and had been operating since the 16th century were also closed.


There is criticism about banning these industries only because of aesthetics in the cities, ignoring the long culture.


Also, the government is evicting the homeless from Paris.


About 200,000 homeless people are occupying Paris seeking job opportunities and contact with their relationships and charity.


However, the French government ordered their transfer to other alternate residences, but they even broke this promise, forcing homeless people to migrate without assistance.


Finally, bedbugs are also one of the greatest issues that made people coming Paris for Olympic worried.


There are worries about bedbugs being spread by the bedding in Paris accommodations.


It has been 100 years since the recent Paris Olympics, but it is questionable if Paris can successfully operate the Olympics.

Jia Yoo / Grade 8
Newton Academy