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Everybody, get ready for the biggest global sports event: The 2024 Paris Olympics!

2024.06.06 08:57:25 Stella Sun

[Eiffel Tower. Photo Credit to Pixabay]

The most anticipated international event of 2024 is undoubtedly the 2024 Paris Olympics.


This year’s Games promise to be especially exciting, as they mark the first Olympics since the coronavirus pandemic and will feature stunning historic locations throughout Paris, the host city.


Organizers expect around 500,000 audiences to arrive in Paris for the event.


While anticipation runs high, there are also significant concerns.


Traditionally, Olympic opening ceremonies are held in large stadiums.


These ceremonies finish in a grand parade of athletes from around the world.


However, the Paris 2024 Olympics will break from tradition with an extraordinary opening ceremony on the Seine River.


Athletes will ride boats instead of marching, creating a unique and memorable start to the Games.


One of the key attractions of the Paris Olympics is the integration of cultural heritage.


The Games will be held at some of the city’s most historic sites.


Beach volleyball will be held under the Eiffel Tower, fencing and taekwondo in the museum of Grand Palais, archery at the esplanade at Invalides nearNapoleon's tomb, and equestrian and modern pentathlon at the Palace of Versailles.


Despite the excitement, there are concerns.


Complaints have been raised from various sources, including spectators and Parisians who came for the Olympic events, due to the destruction of cultural sites and rising prices.


The decision to hold the opening ceremony on the Seine has sparked debate, with safety and security being major points of contention.


In January, an incident near Eiffel Tower involving a radical Islamist raised further security concerns.


Moreover the Louvre's decision to increase admission fees for the first time since 2017 has drawn criticism from citizens.


Despite these issues, all the athletes and audiences are ready for this global event that people worldwide can enjoy.


The 2024 Paris Olympics will feature 32 sports and 329 events.


Notably, four sports will make their Olympic debut: surfing, skateboarding, climbing, and breaking.


Surfing will demonstrate athletes' skills and courage on the waves, while skateboarding will highlight creativity and technical skills.


Climbing will test physical strength and skill, and offer a fresh challenge to competitors.

Breaking is a sport where participants freely express their styles and mesmerize judges with unique movements and combinations.

This is expected to combine various cultural and artistic expressions, which will revitalize the stage of the Olympics.


The Olympic torch, which symbolizes the spirit of the Games, has arrived in France.


It is currently on a 79-day journey through the country’s picturesque landscapes, bustling cities, and quaint villages, uniting people from all walks of life in anticipation of the grand event.


The Paris Olympics will begin on July 26 and continue for 27 days, concluding on August 11.


The slogan for the Games is "Made for Sharing."


As the world eagerly awaits the Paris Olympics, excitement and concerns make this event one of the most talked-about in recent history.

Stella Sun / Grade 7 Session 5
Ridgecrest Intermediate School