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Sabrina Ionescu beats Stephen Curry at the 3-point contest

2024.03.28 07:58:27 Jimmy Kim

[Basketball. Photo Credit to FreePik]

In the inaugural NBA vs. WNBA 3-Point Challenge during the 2024 State Farm All-Star Saturday Night on February 18th, 2024, two renowned basketball players, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors and Sabrina Ionescu of the New York Liberty, finally faced off on the court, with Curry emerging victorious by 29 points, while Ionescu scored 26 points.

The rules of the 3-point contest were straightforward: Curry demonstrated his shooting prowess from the NBA three-point line using regulation balls, while Ionescu exhibited her skills with WNBA regulation balls from the WNBA three-point line.

Shooting with WNBA basketballs from the NBA 3-point line, Ionescu tallied a score of 26, matching the highest score achieved by any player in any round of the preceding Starry 3-Point Contest.

She started strong,made her initial shots and went 8-for-9 on money balls, but slowed down at the end of her round.

On the contrary, Curry delivered two flawless rounds, hitting all five shots from both the left and right wings.

In his last round, which was his moneyball round in the right corner, required three out of five shots to secure victory.

Despite missing the first shot, he managed to sink the remaining four, ending with a score of 29.

Notably, the NBA three-point line measures 23’9 at the top of the key, tapering to 22 feet towards the corners, providing a challenging yet familiar setting for Curry.

Curry, widely esteemed as the greatest 3-point shooter in NBA history, boasts an illustrious career filled with accolades and records.

From his clutch shots to his impeccable shooting form, Curry has solidified his legacy as a generational talent.

On the other hand, Ionescu, still in the early stages of her career, has wasted no time in making her mark on the WNBA.

With her sharpshooting abilities and remarkable court vision, Ionescu has quickly emerged as one of the league's most promising young talents.

Rumors of a 3-Point Contest showdown between Curry and Ionescu have been circulating for some time, fueled by Ionescu's record-setting performance of 37 points in the WNBA All-Star 3-Point Contest last summer.

Responding to Ionescu's impressive feat, Curry wasted no time in accepting the challenge, acknowledging her incredible achievement and expressing his eagerness to compete against her.

Both Curry and Ionescu bring a wealth of talent and experience to the contest.

Curry, a two-time winner of the NBA 3-point Contest, has cemented his status as a basketball icon.

Meanwhile, Ionescu's meteoric rise in the WNBA includes breaking the league record for three-point field goals made in a single season, solidifying her status as one of the most electrifying players in the women's game.

As anticipation for the event continues to mount, Curry and Ionescu have engaged in friendly banter on social media, heightening the excitement surrounding the matchup.

Despite the gender dynamics at play, with Curry representing the NBA and Ionescu the WNBA, the focus remains on celebrating their talents and the spirit of competition.

The NBA vs WNBA format adds an intriguing dimension to the contest, drawing interest from fans eager to witness this historic showdown.

While Curry's participation may raise eyebrows due to the gender disparity, the emphasis remains on showcasing the talent and diversity within the basketball community.

With the All-Star Weekend providing a welcome respite for fans and players alike, the NBA's decision to experiment with new ideas, such as the NBA vs WNBA three-point contest, added an extra layer of excitement to the event.

Dubbed 'Stephen vs Sabrina,' this matchup promised to be a must-watch spectacle for basketball enthusiasts around the globe.

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