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IFF's new sustainability brewing calculator promises savings and sustainability

2024.07.08 11:06:09 Jimin Youn

[Shallow focus photo of pilsner glasses, Photo Credit: Pexels]

International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF), a leader in the food and beverage, home and personal care, and health sectors, has unveiled its groundbreaking Sustainability Brewing Calculator.


This innovative tool is designed to help brewers make environmentally friendly decisions that also improve operational efficiency and economic performance.


Todd Krieger, Sustainable Solutions Director at IFF, emphasized the company's dedication to fostering innovation that promotes both market success and responsible practices.


“Our Sustainability Brewing Calculator is a testament to our ongoing commitment to providing solutions that support sustainability at every level of operation,” said Krieger.


The launch of this calculator is part of IFF’s broader commitment to tackling global sustainability challenges such as climate change and resource scarcity.


The Sustainability Brewing Calculator incorporates both environmental and economic considerations, providing actionable insights to help brewers optimize their production processes for profitability and environmental stewardship.


The Sustainability Brewing Calculator uses Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology and available sustainability data to model adjustments in brewing recipes.


Brewers input basic information about their brewing processes, and the calculator simulates potential changes, projecting reductions in water and energy use, carbon emissions, and land use.


This tool enables brewers to see clearly how changes in raw material inputs can lead to significant environmental and cost savings.


Karine Dedman, Marketing Category Manager for Brewing and Distilling Enzymes at IFF, highlighted the tool's practicality.


“The brewing industry has long faced challenges in sustainability, particularly in energy and water use,” Dedman noted.


“Our new calculator empowers brewers with precise, easy-to-understand data on the benefits of sustainable raw materials. It clearly outlines potential savings from adjusting the raw materials mix.”


The Sustainability Brewing Calculator, backed by extensive research, has already been tested in several breweries, demonstrating its effectiveness in driving significant operational improvements and cost savings.


By utilizing this tool, brewers gain a comprehensive view of how their decisions impact the environmental footprint of their beer production.


The calculator's dashboard quantifies sustainability benefits in tangible metrics.


Water savings are illustrated in liters, equating them to the volume of Olympic-sized swimming pools.


Energy savings are represented in kilowatt-hours (kWh), comparable to the energy requirements of households.


CO2 emission reductions are translated into the equivalent number of trees planted, and land use savings are expressed in terms of football pitch areas.


Beyond real-time data visualization, the calculator allows brewers to download detailed reports that encapsulate the tested data.


These reports provide comprehensive guidance on implementing IFF’s enzymatic solutions, such as LAMINEX®, which reduces viscosity and enhances downstream beer filtration; AMYLEX®, which ensures fast and efficient starch conversion; and BCLEAR™, which provides robust stabilization.


By incorporating a higher percentage of locally sourced raw materials, brewers can reduce costs, support local agriculture, and mitigate environmental impacts.


This focus on local sourcing aligns with IFF’s goals of reducing transportation-related emissions and fostering sustainable agricultural practices.


IFF invites all brewing professionals to explore the capabilities of the Sustainability Brewing Calculator and see how it can transform their production processes and reduce their environmental footprint.


The tool is now available online, providing easy access for brewers seeking to implement sustainable practices.


This launch underscores IFF’s role as a pioneer in sustainable solutions, setting a benchmark for the brewing industry.


As breweries worldwide face mounting pressure to enhance sustainability, the IFF Sustainability Brewing Calculator emerges as a crucial tool , enabling brewers to make informed decisions that benefit both their businesses and the planet.

Jimin Youn / Grade 11
Seoul Academy Upper Division