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Chocolate-covered strawberries go viral

2024.03.17 18:50:05 Hanah Park

[Chocolate-covered strawberries. Photo Credit to Pixabay]

A short clip featuring chocolate-covered strawberries has taken the internet by storm, rapidly spreading across platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and other social media hubs.


The viral clip is 15 seconds long and documents a bowl of strawberries drizzled with chocolate syrup.


The video is shot with flash and includes close-ups in sync with the 1978 yacht rock song “What You Won’t Do For Love” by Bobby Caldwell.


Uploaded on TikTok on February 6, 2024, by user @pr4yforgabs, the video made the creator famous.


Before her video went viral, @pr4yforgabs was a relatively unknown content creator, mostly sharing lip-syncs and slideshow-style content, none of which had gained significant traction.


However, since uploading about her chocolate-covered strawberries, all of her preceding videos have amassed close to or over two million views.


Almost overnight, @pr4yforgabs’ following skyrocketed to over 832,000, with her previous videos racking up millions of views each.


The strawberry clip itself has reached a staggering 339.8 million views, with 42.9 million likes and over 600,000 comments pouring in from around the globe.


This title is currently held by American media personality Bella Poarch and her lip sync to “M to the B,” a rap song by British artist Millie B. that was released in 2020.


Users have tracked the video’s progress in the comments.


For example, user _.Dxlia._ commented, “Bella Poarch: 63.8M Strawberry chocolate: 40.0M.”


Others have expressed their disbelief towards the fame of this clip. @Ben posted, “19.7 million likes for strawberry chocolate is crazy”.


Similarly, @Jay commented, “How does this have 11.7 million likes”.


Even major companies like Zeelool and TikTok have commented on the video, with Victoria’s Secret chiming in to express astonishment at the strawberries’ irresistible allure.


Zack King, a content creator who holds the record for the most viewed TikTok, commented “Strawberry chocolate at 26M”.


The chocolate-covered strawberries’ influence extends beyond TikTok; it is deeply rooted into social media and pop culture.


Content creators have parodied the video, posting P.O.V. or videos from the “point-of-view” of the strawberries.


Others have posted clips using the same song and similar filmography to showcase their favorite food.


“What You Won’t Do For Love”, the 1972 song that @pr4yforgabs used in her video, rose to number 1 on the TikTok Billboard Top 50, a weekly ranking of the most popular songs on TikTok in the United States based on the number of views, videos, and engagement, on February 26.


The reason behind the video’s sudden fame and popularity is unclear.


King Asante, a pop-culture analyst on TikTok and YouTube, theorizes it is due to the video’s anti-creator feel.


In the past decade, the rise of social media has led to planned content with a full team of producers, makeup artists, and cameramen behind every publication.


In contrast, Asante notes that the video’s randomness and originality, combined with its release timing around Valentine’s Day, has struck a chord with audiences, making it a relatable hit in an increasingly curated landscape for the general public.

Hanah Park / Grade 10 Session 4
Imagine International Academy of North Texas