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Six Cattle found mysteriously dead in Texas

2023-05-21 18:43:06 Anthony Min

[Cattle, credit to Pixabay]

No clues of resistance, tongues removed, no blood spilled.

These were the features of the bizarre cattle bodies when the police first went to the scene of an incident. 

Six cattle were found in the three counties in Texas.

Each of the cattle were found in a different pasture and herd, the Texas Sheriff said. 

According to deputies, the first incident was reported after a rancher discovered a six years old longhorn cow dead and mutilated in Madison County.

Five such incidents were recorded in the counties of Brazos and Robertson at the same time that investigators were looking into the death of the first  cow.

According to deputies, all of the cows were discovered lying on their sides with accurate slashes along their jawlines with their tongues removed.

Deputies of the police said that investigators are still searching as to why the tongue was cut off and how there was no blood and evident evidence of self-defense from the cattle.

The incident also brought back to light  the murder of five bulls in eastern Oregon State in October,  2019.

The reason why this case resurfaced  is that all five bulls killed at the time also did not have genitals and tongues at the time of discovery. 

Also, Marshall said, there was no sign that scavengers removed the organs of the bulls, and that it was instead more likely that  someone using a knife or scalpel committed the act.

The Oregon’s Cattleman association offered $1000 for useful information about the incident, and it is still ongoing today.

According to the AP, it is not clear whether the incident has been resolved since it occurred four years ago.

According to an FBI agent who investigated an earlier spate of inexplicable cattle deaths on tribal lands, there was no evidence that anything other than normal predators were responsible for the deaths.

Though these strange incidents have occurred multiple times now in the United States, police appear to be having difficulty in investigating them.

Certain conspiratorial internet posters have claimed it was an act of the Illuminati, or that the perpetrators were aliens or some other mysterious events. 

Illuminati is the plural of the Latin word illuminatus, which means shining, brilliant, illuminating, or enlightening, which means enlightened people, and refers to the conspiracy theory that a secret group of such people control the world.

A Texas police official said through a spokesman that the investigation would proceed quickly and results would be announced as such.

Anthony Min / Grade 9
Kimball Union Academy