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SDC International school academy held their 11th “Angel-day chance bazaar”

2023.05.15 23:53:41 Grace Lee

[A photo taken after a street dance performance for an advertisement. Photo credit: Grace Lee]

The SDC International school academy held their  annual bazaar this April 29th. 

This bazaar is voluntarily and completely hosted by the whole student body at this academy, with a purpose of donating money to the poor students who cannot go to the school and study. 

The students gathered the products from the people nearby, like their families, friends, and acquaintances. 

Also, the students went to  several companies in order to request  donations by giving the workers in the company the presentations to explain the purpose and the means of this bazaar. 

A month before the bazaar, the students had done some dance performances several times and distributed flyers to the people nearby for advertisement. 

The students divided into different departments in order to work more efficiently. 

There were  16 departments: decoration, food distribution, internal and outer publicity, prayer, creation, director, cooking, ticket sales, foreign cooperation, product sales, internet advertisement, field supervision and so on. 

The students sold various menus of outdoor street food outside of the school. 

There were many luxury items such as luxury brand clothes, sunglasses, watches, expensive paintings and so on, on sale.

In addition, there was a shop for sales of the skin and hair care products and kits; this shop made the most portion of the total revenue in this bazaar.

The students who worked in the creation department made a lot of accessories such as earrings and bracelets; they took the second place in earnings in the total revenue of the bazaar. 

All the products in the bazaar could only be purchased by the tickets and the students in the ticket department helped exchange  the cash into tickets. 

The prayer department hosted the students to the prayer every week in the chapel to pray for the bazaar and the belief.

“We should not forget that this bazaar should reveal the glory of Jesus Chirst, who sympathizes for the poor people and gives them a helping hand through us,” in the middle of a prayer by a leader of the prayer department. 

“The motivation of working for this bazaar, even though it sometimes feels like spending a huge portion of our own time during which we can study or enjoy their leisure time, all comes from the love of Jesus Christ,”according to one of the students in the academy.

Motivated by this belief, the students in the physical distribution operation department spent their whole time after taking their classes by physically carrying the products for sales from the nearby building that was used for the storage to the academy. 

The students in the internet advertisement department made short advertising video clips and uploaded them to the social networking sites. 

In addition to the several dance performances, the internet advertisement helped a lot in promoting the bazaar to the people not only living nearby this academy but also those who are living far aways. 

This bazaar achieved a great success, more than 2,000,000 won. 

The previous bazaar resulted in a total revenue of about 1,900,000 won.

This upward trend gives us a vision to look forward to the greater amount of revenues in the future bazaars. 

Also, we can look into the brighter future through the students who have the warm heart of sacrificing their time and cooperating in order to achieve a good-hearted work like this bazaar. 

Grace Lee / Grade 12
SDC International school academy