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NLCS Jeju ran Junior School Book Week

2023.05.13 07:31:05 BoYoung Ryu

[Book Fair during Book Week; Photo Credit to NLCS Jeju Instagram]

From April 24th to the 28th, 2023, NLCS Jeju ran Junior School Book Week, a fantastic opportunity for students to celebrate their love for reading.

The event included various activities that encouraged students to explore new books, develop their creativity, and promote their love of reading.

During Book Week, students were encouraged to engage in various reading challenges and activities. 

For instance, there was a "Book in a Jar" competition, which was an excellent way for students to improve their creativity and share their favourite books with others. 

This activity required students to collect images or items representing their favourite books and fill the jar. 

The winner of the competition received a prize, which motivated students to participate.

There was also a  costume parade, which was another fun activity where students were asked to dress as their favourite book characters.

This activity not only displayed students' creativity through costumes but also allowed them to share their love for books with their parents and staff members.

As part of the Book Week, the school also invited authors Carly Ann West and Ko Hee-Young to visit the Junior School.

The authors carried out engaging activities with the students and shared their experiences and expertise as authors.

The students were thrilled to meet the authors, get their signatures, and learn more about the writing process.

Also, the school held a book fair during Book Week, which allowed students to access hundreds of books across all genres and age groups.

Many people agreed that this was a great chance for students to discover other new exciting books, new authors, and explore different book genres.

Moreover, there was an exciting daily activity during Junior School Book Week: the book reading sessions on the NLCS Jeju Bedtime Stories YouTube channel.

Each day, a different teacher read a book aloud on the channel, but the reader was kept anonymous.

This added a fun and engaging element to the activity, as students had the chance to win prizes if they could correctly identify the mystery reader.

This daily book-reading activity was a great event for students to develop their listening skills while encouraging them to read more books and guess the mystery teacher.

One student in Junior School shared, "As a book lover, it was fun engaging in books-related activities during the Book Week. I especially enjoyed dressing myself up as my favourite book character in “Tangled” for the costume parade. But also, the daily book-reading activity was exciting too, and I looked forward to guessing who the mystery reader was each day."

NLCS Jeju expressed their appreciation towards those who contributed to the Junior School Book Week. 

They specifically thanked the organisers and the students for their enthusiastic participation in the activities.

Overall, Junior School Book Week was an entertaining event that encouraged students to read more books, explore new authors, and increase their love of reading.

The various activities, challenges, and competitions allowed students to have fun while also developing their literacy skills.

NLCS Jeju's commitment to provide rich and diverse educational experiences was visible in the resounding success of Junior School Book Week, and it will undoubtedly continue to inspire students to become lifelong readers.

BoYoung Ryu / Year10
North London Collegiate School, Jeju