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A possible meeting between President Biden and Xi Jinping is to be held regarding cooperation issues

2023.11.11 09:23:39 Yuin Kim

[American Flag. Photo Credit: Pexels]

On Friday, October 27, the United States and China agreed to organize a meeting between President Joe Biden and Xi Jinping.


Although Xi Jinping did not confirm his attendance, President Biden extended an invitation for him to join a gathering scheduled in San Francisco next month.


According to the White House, the meeting between Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Biden allowed both sides to attempt cooperation, aiming for a smoother relationship.


The White House also mentioned that both countries acknowledged the need for cooperation to facilitate a meeting between President Biden and President Xi Jinping.


It is not yet clear whether Xi Jinping will agree to the meeting, and the White House has claimed that they will allow Beijing to announce his decision.


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi mentioned that the continuous meetings between the United States and China aim to minimize the depreciation of the relationship and foster cooperation and support.


During one of these meetings, President Biden emphasized that for a peaceful relationship to prevail, both the US and China need to respond to each other responsibly and show mutual respect.


Biden also mentioned that this principle extends to global issues, including the ongoing Israel-Palestine war.


The United States mentioned that they have urged China into responding to this conflict in a more appropriate manner, which includes discussing the issue with the involved countries.


During Wang’s visit to the United States, another meeting took place with Secretary of State Antony Blinken.


This meeting between the two officials is one of the most recent high-level discussions between the two countries.


Wang Yi’s visit and meeting with President Biden had been predicted following a meeting between Blinken and Xi Jinping in Beijing a few months ago, although it was not completely guaranteed.


After another meeting between Blinken and Wang on Thursday, October 26, Wang mentioned that despite conflicts between the United States and China, China would react calmly to these differences.


Given the instability in the relationship between China and the United States over the past few years, especially as China leaned towards Russia in areas of cooperation, President Biden and Xi Jinping have not been in contact since their meeting in November 2022 in Bali.


The most controversial issue between the United States and China revolves around the matter of Taiwan’s independence.


Other challenges include their differing opinions on the Israel-Palestine war in the Middle East, with Biden fully supporting Israel throughout the conflict.

Yuin Kim / Grade 8
Yongsan International School of Seoul