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Recent research points out the importance of presentation skills in modern society

2024.03.19 04:41:21 HyoJung (Luna) Lee

[Presentation. Photo credit to Pexels]

Recent research conducted by Milovan Vukovića, Snežana Uroševića, and Darko Radosavljevićb presents that presentation skills are becoming necessary in modern societies, especially in business areas.


The study asserts, “This paper therefore discusses various aspects of presentation skills, relevant to business people as well as researchers and scientists,” indicating the broad applicability of these skills across diverse sectors and emphasizing their increasing indispensability in the modern professional business.

In different business places, there is an increasing demand for employees equipped with strong presentation skills, a trend likely propelled by factors such as globalization, the rise of remote work, and the importance of effective communication in the collaboration of individuals.

Additionally, the study highlights the important role of presentation skills in business communication and success.

The business world requires proper presentation skills to communicate business proposals, project updates, sales strategies, and strategic plans.


Concise presentations with clear arguments hold the potential to win stakeholders’ attention, secure investments, attract customers, and stimulate growth.


These skills are vital because they represent a pathway to career advancement, wherein individuals with strong presentation skills are frequently perceived as competent and confident leaders.


The individuals with those skills are more likely to be given responsibilities in leadership roles, offered opportunities for public speaking engagements, and considered for promotions or career advancements.


Effective leadership, as highlighted by the study, depends on the ability to communicate visions, goals, and strategies.


These tasks are made possible through persuasive presentation skills that foster employee engagement and boost organizational success.

Beyond the professional boundary, strong presentation skills prove invaluable in academic and independent pursuits, which enables students to articulate research findings precisely and participate effectively in class debates.

Moreover, learning presentation skills not only increases confidence but also empowers individuals to express themselves clearly across various social and personal contexts, enhancing overall success and fulfillment.


Amidst rapid digital transformation and virtual interactions, presentation skills are increasingly becoming more significant.


With virtual work and remote meetings becoming more common, professionals must adapt to this new presentation style to engage audiences more effectively.


The ability to captivate people’s sight, inform, and inspire through virtual platforms has become a critical asset for professionals navigating the complexities of the modern business environment.


In conclusion, the study conducted by Vukovića, Uroševića, and Radosavljević highlights the undeniable importance of presentation skills in modern business.


As organizations strive to compete, innovate, and grow in an increasingly interconnected world, the ability to deliver engaging presentations has emerged as a start of success for individuals and businesses.


Learning and deploying presentation skills are not merely advantageous but are today’s strategic imperatives in a dynamic and constantly evolving business environment.


HyoJung (Luna) Lee / Grade 9
St.Johnsbury Academy Jeju